caffe vero arabicaCoffea arabica | Arabica-Kaffee

60–70 % des weltweiten Kaffeevolumens

Ursprung: Äthiopien
Alter der Pflanzen: ca. 10.000 Jahre

caffe vero robustaCoffea canephora | Robusta-Kaffee

30–40 % des weltweiten Kaffeevolumens

Ursprung:   Uganda
Alter der Pflanzen: ca. 100.000 Jahre

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Caffe Vero Company

Coffee Company spa, better known with one of its most famous brands "CAFFÈ VERO", was founded in the early 90s thanks to the vision of the Franchetto family of Vicenza to capitalize on one of Italy’s famous traditions in the world: the ITALIAN ESPRESSO.

The company is owned by the PULITALIA UNITED GROUP, an industrial group operating in the field of industrial cleaning  (Pulitalia spaPulitalia Due spa), research training and personnel selection (Pulitalia Formazione spa with its brand PerFormare), company services (Pulitalia Mobile spaPulitalia Servizi spaMarc-one spa) and financial services (Fin-puli spa).

Our only “secret” for a high quality and uniquely tasting product is the masterly balance between the craftsmanship of the artisan tradition and the application of the latest technologies and production facilities. The selection of the best crops of Row coffee beans and the constant monitoring in our laboratory ensure raw material to be perfect in quality as well as under any hygienic-sanitary point of view. The taste test of every batch is another mandatory step before the roasting. This is the most delicate and important phase in which our “Maestro Tostatore” imprints the coffee its own special personality.

All production phases are scrupulously cared for within the 4.000 square meters of our Vicenza facility. A  brand-new concept factory built in compliance with the latest regulations concerning hygiene, environmental protection and, last but not least, the CAFFE VERO QUALITY (mettere link)  that stands as "imperative" in the production, service and support to customers. We are therefore able to produce blends that can cater for the taste and the price a wide range of needs in the various channels of 'HO.RE.CA, vending, private label, large-scale distribution and the retail trade.

Our greatest satisfaction still remains: making you drink a cup of coffee which leaves you… with the desire for savoring another one. 

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Caldoro GmbH

Gewerbepark Süd 5,
6330 Kufstein, Austria

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Tel. +43-5372-61100
Fax +43-5372-61100-90

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