„Von der ersten Minute an stehen wir Ihnen mit Rat und Tat zur Seite!“

service 01Mit der Montage Ihrer Kaffeemaschine kümmern wir uns darum, dass der Genuss sofort in Ihrem Hause einzieht.

Mein bestens ausgebildetes Team verfügt über eine professionelle Barista Ausbildung und jeder für sich ist ein absoluter Experte in allen Belangen. Ob Montage, Wartung, Kaffeeeinstellungen oder Reparatur, wir stehen Ihnen freundlich und kompetent an 365 Tagen im Jahr zur Verfügung – von der abgelegensten Schihütte bis zum zentralem Kaffeehaus – so wie Sie es sich als Cald‘oro Kunde verdient haben!

Tobias Margreiter
Technischer Leiter

“Just in time” heating when a drink is requested

This patented steam heating of milk, chocolate, mulled wine or Jagatee only happens on the press of a button. This enables a perfect experience with no overheating of alcohol or sugar! Even temperatures and optimal drink taste is guaranteed with no additional energy wastage – max. 9kW with a continuous output of ca. 1,150 products in an hour!


Reduced Energy Consumption for Long-Lasting Performance

Perfect innovation! The technology of this stainless steel boiler enhances the durability, as well as reducing maintenance costs and energy usage!

Optimum Pleasure

The distribution of coffee, milk, froth and hot milk is carried out by separate dispensers. Multiple cups can be filled at the same time with coffee and other combined milk products. The GAJA model even makes it possible to order six products at the same time and yet has a total width of only 50cm!

Lasting Quality – Made in Tirol

The quality of this brewing unit from the Tyrol is distinguished by the extremely sturdy construction using stainless steel in the brewing units in contrast to plastic, which increases the lifetime and reduces maintenance costs.

This produces the right extraction quality for every coffee product – something that every barista is looking for. Perfect quality in the cup that you would expect from an espresso machine from a fully-automatic machine.

Intuitive User-Friendliness Using Smartphone Principles

The new 7-inch TFT display with soft touch makes the user experience and set-up easier and more intuitive. Product images and purchase recommendations can be attractively placed on the high-definition user-friendly colour display. Even videos can be played on the screen. The product range can be adjusted according to individual preferences.

The Latte Art mixes compressed air with steam.

The compressed air is produced by a separate air pump. The mixture of air and steam produces a particularly fine froth.
The Latte Art system can be programmed for four different temperature settings.

- Position 1 : Temperature 1 without air (no frothing)
- Position 2 : Temperature 2 plenty of air (cappuccino/latte macchiato)
- Position 3 : Temperature 3 little air (Latte Art)
- Position 4 : Temperature 4 little air (Latte Art)

The temperature control is regulated by a heat sensor. It is not possible to change the of air.

The quick and simple way to prepare perfect milk with the Barista Steam

The preparation happens automatically with an integral heat sensor. The process is automatically stopped at the input temperature level. The result: a perfectly milk froth!

The frothing process can be altered for varied milk quality and takes place in two stages (without a manual stage to change the venture in between):

  • Frothing the milk
  • Heating the milk

Simple cleaning :

  • After every use the spout is blown through for one second, which helps to clean the equipment and avoid contamination (the same procedure is used for the steam spout)
  • The important factor of hygiene is dealt with by an automated three-minute cleansing procedure

The finest sieving geometry produced with a quality repeatable micro-etching technique.
This improves the crème, makes the taste rounder and leaves no coffee residues!

This new Reneka extraction technology is a logical improvement of the Aroma Perfekt brewing group.

The specifications : a filter system with 15,000 precise holes, 170 micrometres in diameter. In comparison: the specification of a traditional coffee sieve with holes produced with a punch: 563 holes, 350 micrometres in diameter!

The results
 : no coffee grounds in the cup, an improved body and a much more complex taste and aroma!

A wide range of flexibility for greater pleasure

The Multicoffee System Filter Holder can be used with the Aroma Perfect group and offers the user the greatest degree of flexibility in coffee preparation.

Freshly-ground coffee, varied capsule systems, pads and pods can all be used in the same Reneka Espresso machine thanks to the patented Aroma Perfect brewing group.

A true revolution in the world of coffee! Simple to use and always with perfect extraction quality even with different grinding quantities.

The Aroma Perfect brewing group opens automatically via three flexible positions and produces a high quality of coffee in the cup even with different quantities of coffee.

The filter holder can be easily inserted without problems. An integrated stop concept always closes the brewing group in the correct position. The RENEKA technology ensures the best quality in the cup.

caldoro techno reneka aromaperfect offen 0001 caldoro techno reneka aromaperfect zu 0002

GIDR: cold water mixer allowing a precise setting for the extraction temperature.

This optimises the boiler activity, improving the steam performance and precisely controlling the brewing temperature of the coffee, which can be set at various levels.

Stabilises the brewing temperature, especially with a possibly uneven first coffee.

Sturdy brewing head, 2.6kg – made from lead-free brass and chromed. The size of the brewing head compensates for any variations in temperature and has excellent thermal properties.

Allows a precise regulation of the boiler temperature.

Independent of the amount of water required, the PID regulator works with precision and minimum hysteresis.


Allows a gentle pre-moisturisation of the packed coffee to enable the aroma to develop in a perfect manner.

Motoröl, Kühlflüssigkeit, Einspritzdüsen, Bremsbeläge:
Ein Servicecheck wie beim Auto ist
auch bei der Kaffeemaschine notwendig,
um sie lange am Laufen zu halten.
Unser Servicetechniker Martin Koller ist ein
Kaffeemaschinen-Versteher – sie lieben ihn einfach.

Geheimtipps von Martin Koller,
bei Alpina seit der ersten Stunde,
und das seit 40 Jahren.

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